Mid Brain / ESP

Mid Brain / ESP

ESP Basics

The brain enhancement midbrain activation Workshop is conducted for two day. In this program on the second day of workshop children start seeing blindfolded, reading & writing blindfolded, they can even start identifying things blindfolded. From this workshop, one can see the benefitted in brain activity like We use to enhance in memory power, improves creativity and imagination, enhance concentration level, which results in enhancing self confidence and emotional stability.

After this program, beginning in the overall academic growth also takes place.


In this program, we activate senses of right brain, those who don’t have physical appearance in the body. This program activate following senses

  • Psychometric : Senses by touch perception.
  • Clairvoyance : Percept the reverse training card, without touching.
  • Telepathy : Able to percept messages from others brainwaves.
  • Telekinesis : Able to move or transfer object by brainwaves.
  • Precognition : Able to percept future.

Midbrain Activation For Teenagers And Adults

We associate mid brain activation not only for children of age till 15 years, we organize programs for teenagers and adults also, this program is to facilitate training for them to acquire the ability to engage and to interact with the subconscious, control and direct the dynamics of the synergy, understandable familiar with the practice involved practice apply in the daily life. The mid brain activation brings to awareness the establishment of the holistic state of mind represented by a series and fusion of various breakthrough techniques such as brain waves, which results in improving their positivity, working potential, and mental status.


Our another course is quantum speed reading, It is speed reading method, in which within two days student start reading books of 200 pages in less than half an hour by flipping.


By using this program, the deepest states of consciousness woke up, and makes a way to exercise right brain muscles. As this method goes advance students become able to read books of any other languages which they had never learnt.


  • Bachelor degree from any stream. ( Best Psychology Hons. )
  • Good communication skill.
  • Interaction capability with kids.
  • Proper way handle any kind of guardian.


In this Method, children start memorizing everything like a movie, so that they could easily remember things for long time.