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Abacus and Brain Gym
We offer specialized course using the ancient Abacus aided with the latest methods and technologies for the complete brain development of your kid. We have developed a curriculum to teach Mathematics by complete understanding and visualization, thus eliminating the simple and boring routine learning offered at other educational institutions.



Abacus is a simple tool used in China and elsewhere to perform the tasks of a calculator. Thus, helps you make the best use of the right as well as the left brain. It engages all the three learning modalities, Visual, where the students will learn to see numbers as visual representations rather than arbitrary numerals, allowing for faster and more accurate arithmetic, Auditory, where the retentivity of their heard information will be improved, and Tactile, where the students will develop deep understanding of numbers and arithmetic by physically manipulating the abacus beads.

Benefits Of Abacus

One could get superior mathematical abilities by acquiring the skill of Abacus-Based Mental Calculation, which can be used to solve calculation problems with exceptional speed and high accuracy

Learning the wonderful art of abacus develops confidence in calculation and arithmetic skills and hence, eradicates the fear of Mathematics from the minds of our students. It helps in the development of your right as well as your left brain. Thus, improving decision making abilities and learning and absorbing capabilities. Not only this, it also helps enhance proficiency, accuracy and memory power. We can make better decisions in our lives as it also helps us do so. It also enhances memory power. Thus, it leads to overall growth and development of every individual to gains this knowledge. And this can be seen clearly with IMPROVED GRADES at academics.

How to Use Abacus

Abacus is a simple rectangular structure containing beads used for calculation purpose, both simple and complex, including LCM, percentage, roots, etc. A basic abacus contains two sections or rows divided by a center bar. The number of columns is variable. Each column in the upper section has one or two beads and each column in the lower section has four beads. Let’s get familiar with its working.

  • Proper arrangement of the Abacus

    The beads in the upper section holds five times the value of
  • Assignment of Place Value

     The columns in the abacus are assigned a place value where the column beads in the lower section. Different values can be assigned to the beads in the bottom section. on the extreme right holds the ones place and its
  • Count the beads

     Push the bead upwards in order to count a digit. 1 can be shown by pushing a bead from the lower section of the extreme right to the upper section, 2 by shifting two beads, and hence forth.
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Abacus training should be imparted to kids in the age group of 5 to 15 years for their proper brain development. Not only does it help with studies, but also with personal skill development. MindTrainner offers a rigorous 24 months program to help you excel at abacus and brain gym. The entire course duration is divided into 8 terms of 3 months each. Each term has 12 classes and each class is of 2 hours taken once in a week. All the classes are organized after the school hours. Hence, our classes do not clash with your school timing and does not hamper your regular curricular or co-curricular activities.